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Any PC or network connecting to the Internet needs a minimum of a good antivirus product, a good anti spyware product and a firewall. These can be active or passive but a good security package needs the user to be educated in how it works and how to keep things running smoothly. In the event of a major infection, reverting to a secured backup may be the best option. IAP offer the protection & recovery services you need for your home & business.

Active products are good at preventing infections that the software knows about (hence the need to keep security products updated)

Passive tools can clean up after an unfortunate event. The key is to make sure the user of the machine knows how the tools work and how to run regular scans.

A lot can be automated but there is currently no substitute for human intervention without imposing draconian restrictions on machine usage. We offer, advise on and install services for businesses and home users, covering:

  • Anti Virus
  • Anti Spyware, Malware & Adware
  • Anti Spam
  • Popup Blocking
  • Local, on-site Backup
  • Internet Content Filtering
  • Phishing & Identity Theft Protection
  • Data Encryption
  • Networking & Firewalls
  • Guaranteed Data Erasure
  • Online, off-site Backup

We have experience of using cutting edge technologies like Honey Pots and designing secure networks utilising DMZ’s, IPS, IDS and access control lists on network devices. We have installations that monitor employees’ use of the Internet and email. We can secure your network from the Internet while allowing customers, suppliers or staff of your choosing to have selected access to your network.

Backup Solutions

  • Online Backup

    This is the most convenient method of ensuring your data is backed up and requires no input from your staff. The backup program is installed on your server and at night wakes up and sends any files that have been created or changed that day, across the Internet to our backup servers.

    The software never forgets, is never too busy and always verifies that the backup is complete.

    Backup using Portable Devices

    We also supply software that is ideal for home office or mobile users. The software sits on your PC or laptop and copies everything you type to the backup, so your backup is as current as the words you are typing. The software also lets you backup ‘on demand’, which is useful in circumstances where you may have been previously working, but not had access to your backup device; you now plug it in and can send the new data to your backup.

    Other Options

    We also provide tape and external USB backup products and services, allowing us to offer a backup and restore solution no matter what your situation or how much data you have to backup.

    To discuss these and other backup and restore options or disaster recovery solutions for your business click here to contact us.

Secure Data Erasure

  • Working with our partners at E-Cycle, the IAP team is expert in the secure erasure of client data. Our trained engineers will arrive at your location and erase all your media devices to INFOSEC level 5 approval, We already provide services for many government departments to process and data destroy their unwanted assets. Find out more at E-Cycle’s website:

    We will;

    • Asset track all your hardware using a unique asset tracking number
    • Asset track your HDD or media item using it’s serial number
    • Securely erase your hard disk drives to impact level 5 using Blancco
    • In the event the hard disk is faulty we will degauss and shred to impact level 5
    • You will receive a complete Blancco certificate for each HDD erased
    • Degaussing certificates and shredding certificates will be supplied with asset details
    • A full manifest will be supplied showing assets by serial number client asset number and media serial number
    • We can arrange for your assets to be processed at one of our partner sites throughout the UK and depending on volumes
    can refurbish them and re-market them, in most cases giving you a cost neutral solution

    Trust IAP, with E-Cycle to protect your integrity and that of your clients. Do not compromise on security, erase your data in line with government standards.
    After all, your Data Protection is our business.


    Click here to open our Secure Data Erasure page.

Internet Content (Parental) Controls

  • Everyone has heard the horror stories about the internet being filled with unsuitable material just waiting to corrupt young (or sometimes old!) minds.

    Although some of this is media scare mongering, it would be naive to let young people use a PC without any form of restriction or to allow employees free access to the web. Online piracy is now also being targeted by Internet Service Providers so restrictions on file sharing programs are essential to limit liability for copyright infringement claims and also to maintain online access.

    IAP works extensively with local social services teams and also other government funded bodies such as South West Grid to provide a variety of controlled internet access tools. These can include:

    Allowed sites list

    Filters a machine to limit access to a pre-defined set of websites. All sites not on the white list are blocked.

    Blocked sites list

    Filters a machine to block a pre-defined set of websites. All sites not on the block list are allowed.

    Category blocking

    Filters a machine to restrict sites that fall into certain categories such as sex, gambling, drugs etc.

    Program restrictions

    Prevents named programs or categories of programs (such as chat programs) from being run.

    Time restrictions

    Blocks access to the internet outside of set times.

    These can be combined and tailored as required by the individual customer.

    Parental controls are very much a personal, tailored solution so please call us to discuss how we can help.