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Working with our partners at E-Cycle, the IAP team is expert in the secure erasure of client data. Our trained engineers will arrive at your location and erase all your media devices in accordance with a schedule provided by yourself to INFOSEC level 5 approval. Online access can be provided to designated users for asset tracking and erasure certificates. We already provide services for many government departments to process and data destroy their unwanted assets. Find out more at E-Cycle’s website:

We will;

• Asset track all your hardware using a unique asset tracking number
• Asset track your HDD or media item using it’s serial number
• Securely erase your hard disk drives to impact level 5 using Blancco
• In the event the hard disk is faulty we will degauss and shred to impact level 5
• You will receive a complete Blancco certificate for each HDD erased
• Degaussing certificates and shredding certificates will be supplied with asset details
• A full manifest will be supplied showing assets by serial number client asset number and media serial number
• We can arrange for your assets to be processed at one of our partner sites throughout the UK and depending on volumes
can refurbish them and re-market them, in most cases giving you a cost neutral solution

Trust IAP, with E-Cycle to protect your integrity and that of your clients. Do not compromise on security, erase your data in line with government standards.
After all, your Data Protection is our business.