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IAP UK is an IT and support consultancy offering a wide range of technical services including:

  • Hardware provision
  • Software provision
  • Networking – wired and wireless
  • Cable installation
  • Security for your business system
  • Backup locally or online
  • Email services
  • Broadband installation and help
  • Antivirus & Antimalware solutions
  • Secure Data Erasure & Decom
  • System diagnosis and fault finding
  • Mobile working solutions
  • Telephone systems & support
  • Remote access & support
  • Business software development
  • Onsite hardware and software support
  • Repairs undertaken at IAP premises
  • Hosting for your website

We are able to offer a complete IT department service to you or your business which is available on site at your own premises or ours.
The service we offer is scalable and can be tailored to suit the home user, small business user or the larger organisation.
Please see below a table of some examples of related services for each type of user.

Home User & Small Business

Larger Business Solutions

  • Installation and networking of new PCs & laptops.
  • Computer systems tailored to your needs and requirements
  • Secure wireless connections for:
    • Internet
    • Printing
    • File sharing
  • Installation of printers and scanners
  • Software and hardware upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
    • Slow computer
    • Application errors
    • Pop-ups
    • Everything else!
  • Security
    • Virus, Spyware, Malware and Adware removal and protection
    • Hardware and software firewalls to protect from internet intruders
  • Internet access
    • Broadband
    • Remote working
  • Parental control
  • Security cameras
    • Monitor any area of your home or business premises
    • Monitor children and pet activity or as a simple security solution
    • Cheaper alternative to CCTV and more versatile
  • Networks design, installation
  • Business systems
  • Remote access solutions
  • Internet high bandwidth
  • Upgrades and installations
  • Telephone systems & services
  • Security and firewalls
  • Hosting and Servers
  • Email services
  • Backup solutions