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Networks come in all shapes and sizes depending on the requirement, budget and environmental constraints. IAP has the skills required to offer a network design service, which meets the needs of your business.

For Internet connectivity, please refer to our Phones & Internet services page.

Wired Networks

  • If your old network cabling needs replacing or you are experiencing network problems, let us survey your current cabling and network devices and we’ll advise or quote to upgrade switches and re-wire your premises. We can analyse network problems using packet capturing technology and can offer solutions on improving the speed and stability of your network. Your network is the backbone of your computing environment and should operate at optimum speeds and be 100% reliable, if it’s not, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Wireless Networks

  • IAP has extensive experience in installing secure wireless networks. An initial site survey will highlight any weak spots in the potential coverage of the network, allowing us to make recommendations to improve coverage and signal strength. We also have experience in more advanced wireless scenarios, such as repeating and bridging signals and using omni-directional and uni-directional antennae. We can advise you whatever your wireless network requirements no matter how large the coverage, or what interference and structures surround you.

Multiple Sites

  • Do you want access to your company’s network from your laptop, tablet or phone? IAP can provide the solutions no matter how you wish to connect. More and more people wish to have the flexibility of working from home, whether to reduce travel time or to achieve a balanced life style. Today’s technology allows IAP to assist in connecting you to the office securely and reliably. You’ll be able to access all your company’s resources as though you were at a workstation in the office.

Moving Your Business

  • Relocating your business can involve a complex array of tasks, and one of the most crucial is the seamless
    transfer of IT and telephony systems. You are under pressure during the move to minimise discruption and ensure that the transition happens as quickly and as smoothly as possible.
    Working with you, we can survey your new office and test any existing data lines to make sure that you have the correct connections in the right spot and that telephone and broadband lines are installed on time.
    Our service will include; an initial audit of both sites to check that everything needed is in place and ready for the move, disconnection of all cabling, systems and equipment, installation and reconnection of all cabling, systems and equipment at the new site & test all is ready for you to get working.