Broadband & Networking

ADSL, Fibre, Satellite broadband plus cable networking & WiFi

IAP provides high quality and reliable broadband services in a wide range of packages to suit different customer needs.

ADSL, Fibre & Ethernet broadband connections are available. In addition to fixed line services, IAP also offer a range of Satellite Broadband, ideal for rural communities.

All of our broadband services are available in a choice of ‘Family’ or ‘Business’ packages. Our Business packages differ by providing higher monthly bandwidth allowances, traffic prioritisation during working hours and a number of business class features such as guaranteed throughput during times of congestion* or increased upload speeds*. Our packages provide a choice of monthly usage options ranging from 1GB through to 360GB with additional unlimited options also available. Additional usage can also be purchased as top-ups.

Alternatively, IAP’s Ethernet solutions provide a dedicated and uncontended connection. They are particularly suitable for business customers with business-critical connectivity needs. You can choose from:

EFM which uses multiple copper pairs to provide symmetrical speeds of between 2Mbps and 35Mbps.
GEA which uses the copper and fibre infrastructure from the customer premises to the cabinet and exchange but uses the Ethernet network to provide speeds of between 2Mbps and 20Mbps.
Fibre leased lines which are available in options from 2Mbps to 10Gbps.

*Through the use of EBE (Elevated Best Efforts) or MAX Premium connections. Further details available on request.

In addition to fixed line services, IAP also offer a range of Satellite Broadband options. Providing up to 22Mbps fast and reliable broadband anywhere in the UK & Europe. Satellite Broadband delivers 100% coverage of high speed internet today where other networks can only talk about maybe getting to 90% in the years to come. Satellite Broadband is an ideal solution for rural communities and people suffering with over-promised ADSL connections.

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