Cloud & Hosted Services

Hosted Email, data storage, backup, virtual server and telephony services

Online & Hosted services provide a cost effective, reliable and highly scalable solution to business communication and storage needs.
We offer Hosted Email & Data, Microsoft Office 365, Virtual Servers, Off-site Backup and more.

IAP uses accredited data-centres to host its email, data storage, backup, virtual server and telephony services, ensuring security & reliability.

Whether you have one mailbox or a hundred, each will benefit from a massive 50GB of storage and is accessible from your PC, phone, tablet or via a web browser at anytime and anywhere that you are connected to the Internet. No more searching multiple devices for an email you know you have sent, as that item will be visible on all devices. No need to carry a portable hard disk around when a cloud based product can ensure that a file changed in the office is ready for you on your laptop when you get to your meeting. Automatic backups will harvest any changed files and store them safely away from your office and the risk of hardware failure, fire or theft. We can even keep multiple copies of files in case of an accident with the delete key!

Use your laptop to run complex software such as CAD using a virtual computer or centralise your office with a virtual server. Take a look at our telephony page to find out more about how the online revolution could change the way you view and use phone and fax services.

IAP has the expertise to help lift your business into the cloud. Give our team a call to discuss what options will suit your business.

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