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HMRC Telephone SCAM

HMRC Telephone SCAM

HMRC scam voicemails: how to spot this tax scam…

Scam voicemail: warrant to arrest

In one recording, an automated male voice warns there’s a warrant for your arrest because there’s a legal case to be filed in your name.

It says because you’ve now been notified, you then have to call the HMRC on a number provided.

The voice signs off with: ‘Don’t ignore’.

Being pressured into acting quickly is one of the signs of a scam – this is to stop you thinking through your actions.

Scam voicemail: officer Sarah Wilson

In the other scam voicemail, this time it’s a female automated voice purporting to be Officer Sarah Wilson from HM Revenue and Customs.

She urges you or your solicitor to call her back on a provided number.

The message threatens that if you or your solicitor doesn’t call them back, ‘then get ready to face the legal consequences’.

This is another tactic to make you act quickly – this time to pressure you into responding out of fear of severe consequences.

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