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iPhone Fingerprint SCAM

iPhone Fingerprint SCAM

Watch out for the iPhone ‘fingerprint scam’ that can hit you with a £100 bill.

APPLE users are being warned over a devious scam that tricks you into making a huge payment.

The so-called “fingerprint scam” makes use of Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which is available on iPhones and iPads.

It was first reported by a Reddit user who wrote: “Don’t download this app. It uses a fingerprint scam to charge you $100.”

The app in question was called Fitness Balance, and is now no longer available to download on the App Store.

It appeared to be a calorie tracking app that let you secure your data by scanning your fingerprint.

To unlock your personal information, you were required to hold your finger down on the Touch ID scanner for 10 seconds.

But halfway through the process, a pop-up would appear asking you to accept a $100 charge.

This type of payment is authenticated using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

So the charge is immediately accepting, take a huge chunk out of your bank balance or App Store credit.

Apple appears to have removed the app from the App Store, and strictly forbids this kind of behaviour.

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