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First Aid & AEDs

First Aid & AEDs

Friday was spent at a First Aid in the workplace refresher course by the Red Cross in Warmley.

An excellent trainer delivered a well paced and highly informative series of modules covering the majority of common risks in the workplace. All of the techniques would work equally well at home or out & about, so I feel I have achieved more than just a workplace related set of skills.

I can highly recommend a first aid course to anyone who can spare a day, and it might one day save a life. The Red Cross course was excellent, and even if you never use it, the funds raised help the Red Cross do excellent work for people in crisis all over the UK & the rest of the world.

Do you know where your local AED (Public Access Defibrillator) is located? Take a look at

If there are AEDs in your area that are not on the map, the site allows for the registration of additional sites which would be really useful.