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Avril Macleod – Technical Writer

IAP UK Ltd has been my source of support and expertise in the design, supply, fitting and maintenance of my computer equipment since 2007.
I am probably not the ideal customer: as a technical writer I totally rely on appropriate, up-to-date and fully functioning software and technology to do my job, but have a poor understanding of what I need, how it works and what to do if it doesn’t. This is where IAP comes in. They help me to define what I need (both hardware and software), source it for me, build it and then make sure it functions effectively and meets my needs.
If something goes wrong, I can ring them and they respond immediately, with advice or support as required. They are pleasant to deal with, and don’t make me feel like an idiot. They don’t charge the earth for the equipment, advice or services they provide, and do an all-round good job. And that enables me to do mine.

Avril Macleod
Technical Writer and technophobe.