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Visitor book & the GDPR

Visitor book & the GDPR

Companies could be breaking GDPR rules when it comes to visitor data.

New research by Proxyclick has revealed that organisations are inadvertently breaking GDPR rules by allowing visitors to see who’s been in a building before them.

The research by the visitor management firm, revealed that 62 per cent of office workers across Europe and the US have confessed to looking at the list on a paper visitor book to see who’s signed in before them – meaning that those businesses which continue to use paper logbooks are in breach of GDPR.

The paper logbook leaves the records of previous visitors easily visible to anyone who looks at them. Even the solutions intended to prevent this from happening, such as ‘discreet sheets’ or ‘peel off systems’ are imperfect and can be easily tampered with. Under GDPR, organisations should ensure that the names of those who have previously signed in are not visible to the next individual.

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