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VTech flags tablet flaw after BBC Watchdog probe

VTech flags tablet flaw after BBC Watchdog probe

Child gadget-maker VTech’s website is promoting a security fix for its flagship tablet, following an investigation by BBC Watchdog Live.

The Storio Max – which is called the InnoTab Max in the UK – suffers a software flaw that could allow hackers to remotely take control of the device and snoop on its users.

VTech was alerted to the vulnerability months ago by a UK cyber-security firm.

The Chinese company issued a fix but some parents have yet to install it.

The notice at the top of its homepage and the broadcast of the BBC programme should ensure the issue gets more prominence.

It had previously relied on pop-up alerts that appeared on the devices themselves to prompt owners into action.

VTech said it was also contacting retailers that are selling affected units.

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