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Dublin Tram Service Website defaced.

Dublin Tram Service Website defaced.

Hackers demand ransom from Dublin’s tram system, after Luas website defaced.

The website of Luas, the tram system operating in Ireland’s capital city of Dublin, has been taken offline this morning after hackers defaced the site and demanded a ransom be paid within five days.

Early morning visitors to the website were greeted with a message from the hackers, claiming that data had been stolen from operator Transdev Ireland, and would be published on the internet unless a ransom demand of one Bitcoin (approximately 3,300 Euros or £2965) was paid.

The defacement message itself appears to have been harmless, but the fact remains that if hackers were able to change the content displayed when web users visited the site’s homepage they could just have easily abused the domain to distribute malicious code or attempt to phish for sensitive information.

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